Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency

Game Updates

Mutators Update – Jan 20, 2020

Adding Smooth Locomotion and the option to customize the game to your liking – The new Mutators Update is now live!

  • Mutators system (customize your game to your liking, some will disable achievements)
  • Mutator: Homing knives (aka aim assist)
  • Mutator: Smooth locomotion
  • Mutator: Infinite Stabby Crystals
  • Mutator: Bullet Time
  • Mutator: Paltkoma (triggers slowmo when eating)
  • Mutator: Gravity modifier
  • Mutator: Enemy aim skill
  • Mutator: Enemy detection speed
  • Mutator: Bullet speed
  • Mutator: NPC animation speed
  • Mutator: NPC health
  • Mutator: Starting equipment
  • Mutator: Guns (guns)
  • Level select (select which level you start a new game from)
  • Winta VO bugfix in end fight
  • Collectibles bugfixes
  • Items no longer pile up at world origin on load
  • Can no longer cheat items through walls using the bow
  • Fixed tool select lagging behind when moving (such as elevators, smooth loco)
  • Various small fixes