Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife

Game Updates

GAME UPDATE – MAY 25, 2021

The first patch is live on Oculus Quest & Rift! We’ve added 10 new collectibles that give additional context to the story + implemented a range of bug fixes & improvements. All updates also apply to the SteamVR version launching today. Full patch notes below.

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  • 10 new collectibles have been added, giving additional context to some of the characters and the story.


  • Added Addendum as a new achievement for finding all new collectibles
  • Fixed issue where the doors wouldn’t lock if the Player dies after entering the West Wing corridor for the first time in Chapter 7
  • Fixed issue where players that have placed the gas key in Chapter 7 and then left before placing the contract can’t get the contract on return
  • Game completion rate now displayed when finishing the game
  • All languages now display correctly in the language selection menu
  • Lighting issue in one of the Guest House bathroom fixed
  • Fixed several issues with the valve handle in the wine cellar related to loading//going to the Memory Palace
  • Fixed bugs that caused inconsistencies when using or adding the valve to the wall a second time, after coming back from Memory Palace
  • Wraithgrasp tutorial voice over in Wine Cellar was missing second half of its subtitles
  • Alan’s scripts can now be correctly viewed in Memory Palace after having been placed on the table in the Pool House
  • Moved a glass bottle slightly to avoid it breaking when trying to use Grab on it
  • Adjusted triggers for a Chapter 7 event, so that the event and objectives triggers in the right order and at the right time
  • Fixed an issue that could disable Sharpened Senses after dying while using it
  • Fixed an issue so the dark fog of the BW encounter doesn’t appear after the encounter has finished
  • Fixed so that the right Sharpened Senses target is activated when NOT picking up the time storm compass, save/quit and then load again
  • Fixed so that the Chapter 1 Hanged Man music doesn’t linger for various reasons anymore
  • Making sure collectibles stop resetting outside of streamed in area
  • Fixed so that the Shadow is not shown in the wrong place when loading a save game during Chapter 1 in the Seance Room
  • Shortened the time before memory palace tutorial appears, to make it easier for players to see it
  • PCVR Only: Added tab in Settings menu for Video Quality


  • Reduced the risk of Spectres getting stuck in walk-through-door animation loop
  • Spectres align better when they want to interact with something in the world
  • Spectres now win over Players when having a tug-of-war for door handles, which was always the intention.
  • Fixed issue with Spectres’ peripheral vision, where they sometimes spotted the player when they shouldn’t or vice versa.
  • The branches in the Garden did not provide enough cover for the Player. This is now fixed.
  • Spectres could continue rotating towards the Player while they’re Stunned. They shouldn’t do this, and won’t anymore.
  • Fixed issue where navmesh would be generated in locations it wasn’t supposed to, and the created problems for the AI

The Wall Street Wiz Kid:

  • Fixed issue where Wall Street Wiz Kid would sometimes move sideways through doors
  • Decreased chance of Wall Street Wiz Kid opening the closet where the player is hiding, unless he knows the player is there
  • Fixed so that Wall Street Wiz Kid properly plays the correct animation when stunned
  • Fixed several issues with Wall Street Wiz Kid in the chapter 6 encounter
  • Fixed issue where Wall Street Wiz Kid would sometimes spawn/unspawn in front of the player

The Sad Cinematographer:

  • Fixed issue where the Sad Cinematographer would sometimes take a long walk around the garden gazebo
  • Fixed issue where the Sad Cinematographer would sometimes unlock doors she wasn’t supposed to