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"Apex Construct is the standard by which future VR titles will be judged" 5/5 VR FOCUS
"One of the rare 'full' VR games" 4/5 UPLOADVR
“The most realistic archery experience I have had in VR” ‘Gold Award’ THUMB CUTURE

Explore a world

ripped apart

Step into a beautiful yet perilous post-apocalyptic setting, where two powerful AIs are locked in a drawn-out conflict. As the only living human, you will uncover its many secret areas and solve intriguing puzzles to gradually realize what led to the extinction of almost all organic life.

apex construct

Master a fluid bow &

shield combination

Use a flexible weapons system with unparalleled precision to engage a wide array of artificial life forms created by a mysterious entity called Mothr

apex construct

Delve into a

lasting experience

Replay any mission from your customizable home base to uncover paths still hidden, spend acquired resources to upgrade your weapons and equipment, and display your hard-earned achievements for fellow adventurers

apex construct
apex construct crab enemy

Conquer the

'cygnia cup challenge'

Hit the targets, keep the combo meter up and maximize your score in the pre-apocalyptic arena to dominate the global leaderboards

apex construct bow

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