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World-class VR games publishing

We've been successfully launching games for VR since 2018, and have a fantastic network of content creators, media outlets, hardware partners and go-to-market expertise. We help finance new VR games throughout development, with one purpose - making a big splash at launch, and have these games reach as broad of an audience as possible.

What we can provide

We can provide development funding, establish a gateway to 1st parties, lead certification processes, handle QA, optimize store fronts, handle localization, take care of age ratings, secure music licensing and much more.

We can use our connections to the communities to acquire player insights, help determine game pricing and the right promotional opportunities, leverage user testing initiatives, and derive valuable data from the game analytics platforms to help build games optimized for the current market, and catered to the needs of VR players today.

We can deliver industry-leading media coverage for your title through the use of top class PR outreach and analytical tools, a curated reachout list of 500+ contacts in VR & gaming, and established collaborations with PR agencies both for the western and the Japanese markets.

We can use our massive network of VR content creators and collaborate with them to create exciting content for your game that will hit straight home into the core VR audiences through trusted and loved voices.

In addition to running communication on our own ecosystem of growing channels, we can use our vast experience with targeted social media advertising on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to ensure that communication around your game always hits the most important groups of potential buyers.

We have in-house resources capable of creating immensely engaging static and video content from your game, and can leverage our partnerships with multiple creative agencies to handcraft high quality trailers, logos and concept art.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most transparent and active VR game developers when it comes to engaging with the communities. Always keeping an ear to the ground on places like Discord or Reddit has equipped us with a ton of great insights and ways to talk directly to the players, allowing us to address concerns, create ambassadors for your game and much more.

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"Working in collaboration with Fast Travel has been of great assistance for the release of our game, Broken Edge. We were able to benefit from their experience in the VR industry and receive guidance throughout all the road to launch stages. Thank you for almost two years of partnership!"

Matisse Baratoux, Brand Manager, Trebuchet

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"Collaborating with Fast Travel Games as our publisher provided us with the opportunity to work with a highly capable and collaborative team. Their extensive experience in the gaming industry gave us invaluable input into our decision-making process, while keeping our freedom to do our own thing."

Philipp Sigl, Co-Founder Flat Head Studio

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"Working with Fast Travel has been an absolute delight, and has enabled us to focus on developing a great product instead of worrying about visibility. I'm convinced they made our launch of Virtuoso many times more successful than it would have been without a publisher. I have nothing but good things to say about them, they're talented, transparent, friendly and fair!"

Jonatan Crafoord, Creative Director & Founder of Really Interactive

Interested in our help? Your pitch should include:

  • A description of the game you’re working on
  • An estimated launch date/window
  • An estimated total development budget and what your funding ask is (if any)
  • What state your game is in at the moment
  • Planned platforms
  • Brief description of your team
  • What you’re looking for from your publishing partner
  • Any videos or GIFs showcasing the game
  • A playable prototype (if available)

By submitting I agree that the information is sent to third party in accordance to the Privacy Policy. By submitting a proposal or game project on this page, I acknowledge that Fast Travel Games AB may currently or in the future be developing internally, externally, or receiving from third parties information, ideas and concepts that may be similar or identical to the Information submitted. And that Fast Travel Games AB has no obligation to use any idea or feature I submit in any Fast Travel Games AB product, service or material. I agree that I will not submit any material that is copyrighted or subject to third party proprietary rights or that violates any third party rights.
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Our published games

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Project Demigod (by Omnifarious Studios)

Project Demigod is the ultimate superhero simulator. Set the scene and stage massive, physics-driven comic book battles in a limitless sandbox.

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Guardians Frontline (by VirtualAge)

Guardians Frontline is a sci-fi VR shooter that makes you a soldier and a commander. Fight off enemies and build bases in a single-player and co-op campaign, plus PvP game modes with full cross-play support.

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Broken Edge (by Trebuchet)

Broken Edge is a 1v1 VR fantasy sword fighting game where you embody iconic warriors in deadly duels.

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We Are One (by Flat Head Studio)

We Are One is a brain-bending VR puzzle-shooter with an unforgettable twist. Record and clone your actions, make time loops and bring the fight to the evils of industrialization.

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Virtuoso (by Really Interactive)

Grab an instrument and get ready to jam in Virtuoso, your own virtual music stage!

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EVERSLAUGHT: Invasion (by MobX)

Get ready for the ultimate VR action game with EVERSLAUGHT Invasion! Choose from three unique classes, then team up with a friend online to take on hordes of enemies and defeat the Great Corruption.

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